Duets with the american singer Lia Marie

The Constellation Song (My Lucky Star) by Lia Marie


Take me where you`re going

Do you have to leave so soon?

There`s a darkness in your soul that`s like

A shadowy monsoon.

I know you said to stay away

But no one`s safe out on their own

So just fit me in your pocket

And you`ll never be alone.


I don`t need much, I ain`t easy though

We`ll run barefoot through the winter snow

With an umbrella made of summer sun

And the wind burned on

Our cheeks.


We`ll shine louder than a marching band.

The clouds`ll make shapes when I hold your hand

The universe seems small and soft

beneath frosty mountain peaks.

I´m just a random scattering of stars

I´ve got no concentration

But you`re a pattern, 


You`re a constellation.


Johnny`s hatchet at my door

There`s a monster in my closet

The movie of my life is getting scary,

Can you pause it?


I know you said you`re not a knight

But there`s a dragon at my door

So let`s change this to a Rom Com

And leave the fans wanting more.


I don`t need much

I`m a doll, you know

But there`s one place that I need to go

I need to see the sky with you by my side

The world`s a lovely, big eyed place.


Let`s stare down the tide

Moondust in our eyes

We`ll cut that conceited storm down to size

The only sunshine in my hellish sea

Is the smile on your face.


I`m just a random scattering of stars

Grown crazed with contemplation

But you`re a blessing


You`re my constellation! 





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